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CIVILEX policy brief

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Information Exchange

CIVILEX aims to identify, characterise and model the communication and information systems in use within the EU Civilian missions, understand the stakeholders’ requirements and provide possible solutions to tackle by a future interoperable Situational Awareness, Information Exchange and Operational Control Platform.

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Currently, many processes, procedures, systems and equipment for CSDP information management and exchange are in place, but these are not always coherent with one another and are often not interoperable with one another, which implies that building a common understanding of crisis management between the CSDP entities and other stakeholders is difficult.

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Researching and helping to clarify the wider policy, institutional and operational issues of ICT systems in the context of CSDP and EU external action. The project would take a hybrid approach, aiming both for a technical solution for information exchange and for institutional changes (leading to agreements on exchange formats for civilian parties).